Have You Done Everything But Are Still Not Building Muscles?

Build Muscles the two factors you may be missingAre you working out hard and have done everything but are still not building muscles or for that matter strength? Let me guess

Let me guess! You have read articles from all the muscle gurus, followed their programs, doing their diets, but still, you are not building any lean muscles and strength?

In the following, we are going to point you in a direction you may not have thought about earlier because you have been too busy setting up your program and diet.

The Actual Reason Why Not Building Muscles

The reason why you are not building muscles is that your nitric oxide and testosterone levels are low. Especially nitric oxide levels are an overlooked factor, but also your testosterone levels are necessary.

Way too often guys connect testosterone with anabolic steroids and hormones and that way they are losing the big picture.

Steroids or not, your natural levels of testosterone is vital to your success, and if yours are low, it is going to take a very long time to build that lean muscles and strength.

When it comes to nitric oxide levels, most guys have no clue what that is all about. There are a complicated explanation and a simple one. I will stick to the simple one here and just tell you, if you have low nitric oxide levels you are pushing fewer nutrients, oxygen, and blood out to your muscles, and they will not grow that much.

Both Nitric Oxide and Testosterone is Important

So both nitric oxide and testosterone are well connected, and you have to focus on increasing both levels.

Nitric Oxide Levels to Build Muscles

The best way to do this is thru your diet and add a couple of nutrients. When it comes to your nitric oxide levels, you need to make sure to get a high amount of the amino acid called L-Arginine. It is vital for your No2 levels and increasing your intake will expand your blood vessels so more nutrients it able to pass thru.

Your Testosterone

When you want to improve your testosterone level you have to make sure you are getting two main ingredients in your diet. Zinc and good cholesterol, they are both essential building blocks to produce testosterone with. However, make sure you stick to the recommended levels when it comes to zinc. Too much zinc is toxic on your body.

Good cholesterol you can get from whole eggs, so if you have egg whites for breakfast be sure to add a couple of whole eggs to your menu.

It May Take Some Time To Get Your Levels Back

It may take a couple of weeks if you are serious about getting your nitric oxide and testosterone levels back in place. However, you can combine supplements like No2 Maximus and HT Rush because they can speed up the process quite a bit.

These supplements are an excellent combination of ingredients that can help you to increase your testosterone and nitric oxide levels. No2 Maximus gives you the exact amount of L-Arginine you need to get your levels up. HT Rush is a well-known testosterone booster that will all natural ingredients can help you out.

Educate Yourself

If you are serious about your muscle building, it is important that you educate yourself a little when it comes to Nitric Oxide and Testosterone.

Finally get a couple of muscle building tips in the video below.

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